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Porcher Seeks Distributors of Inkjet-Receptive Fire-Resistant Glass Fabrics

See'n Safe coated glass fabrics remain fire-resistant after printing




Porcher Industries, a France-based producer of technical textiles, is seeking distributors in the US and Canada for its new See'n Safe line of highly fire-resistant, inkjet-printable coated glass fabrics. Suitable for imaging with solvent- or water-based inks, the translucent fabrics can be used for signage in high-traffic public areas such as shopping centers, airports, railway stations, museums, and trade shows where fire risk must be reduced to a minimum.

According to Porcher Industries, the fabrics meet some of the world's most stringent requirements for fire-resistance. In France, the See n' Safe products meet the M0 classification, which requires that the material doesn't ignite upon contact with a flame or radiant heat and that the heat released upon combustion is less than 1.14 megajoules/lb. The inkjet-receptive materials are guaranteed to be inflammable before and after printing. In addition to providing vibrant colors and supporting finely detailed advertising printing, the receptor coating contains no halogen gas and releases no toxic smoke when in contact with fire. The materials feature a distinctive woven backing.

See'n Safe comes in standard widths up to 118 in and has been tested on popular models of superwide inkjets. (Porcher Industries:



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