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Polaroid Large Format Printers Available Through Exclusive Distributor Agreement in U.S. with TPS Group




Polaroid today announced it has entered into an exclusive distributor agreement with TPS Group for Polaroid large format printers and ink. The printers are now available for commercial customers in the United States through TPS Group, an industry leader in offering businesses the latest printing technology and services.  TPS Group is a nationwide highly skilled service and sales organization in the printing industry to some of the largest companies in the country. Polaroid large format printers feature cutting-edge technology and offer the speed, quality and profitability businesses are looking for from their printing solutions. 

“This is an exciting partnership to help bring the latest large format printing technology to businesses all over the United States,” said Luis Garrido, Director of Equipamientos, an authorized Polaroid licensee. “Especially today, when margins are thin, it’s important for customers to know they have a knowledgeable team they can rely on, as well as innovative technology that focuses on both quality and value.” 

Polaroid large format printers are available using four different printing methods — solvent, mild-solvent, dye sublimation and UV. A range of models is currently available through TPS Group to satisfy a wide array of uses including signage, POP displays, buses, billboards, and more.  Also available is a collection of specialty ink, created specifically for each printer line. Polaroid large format printers currently available in the U.S. market include:


As large and fearsome as its name suggests. This UV LED printer can be configured with options that include white, varnish, and a maximum of nine print heads. The T-Rex handles glass, acrylic, wood, PVC, MDF, KT board, vinyl, banner, PET, and wallpaper media up to 8'x4″ and up to 3.9″ thick. With a resolution from 300-1200 dpi, and a speed to 807 sqf/hr, this machine does it all.



With a 40″ x 40″ flatbed, this mid-range flatbed gets the job done. 1,200 DPI UV LED offers great quality, while up to eight printheads allow for versatility. White and varnish make the Raptor an incredibly useful machine. Glass, acrylic, wood, PVC, metal panels, ceramics, MDF, ceiling film, vinyl, banners, PET and wallpaper are all approved media for this exciting flatbed printer.


This UV LED printer will be a big hit with your customers. A 36″x24″ flatbed allows a media thickness of 4″. The 1440 resolution produces high quality output with white and varnish as options. The Micro can be configured with up to eight printheads to print on glass, acrylic, wood, PVC, metal panels, ceramic tile, KT board, MDF, ceiling film, vinyl, banners, PET, or wallpaper.


The Everest is a dynamic UV LED Hybrid printer. The 10’ wide paper path and the detachable table allows for effortless media management. 1200 DPI from up to eight print heads provides exceptional output. Glass, acrylic, wood, metal panels ceramic, KT board, MDF, ceiling film, vinyl, banners, PET, and wallpaper media up to 9 cm thick.



The Nova UV LED is a great addition to your arsenal with a 10' wide flexible media platform printing at 720-1200 dpi. Allowing for optional white, this machine can take up to nine printheads and can produce 1060 sqf/h. The Polaroid Nova gets high marks for balancing value against speed and quality.


Whether you choose the Second in mild solvent or gel UV ink, this machine will get the job done. At 1200-1400 DPI the quality is “Second” to none, printing flexible media at 5'10”. The Gel UV ink is configurable in eight models customized to your applications. This flexibility allows the Second to be your first choice.

For more information about purchasing Polaroid large format printers for your business, you can reach out to Luis Garrido at [email protected] or Ernesto Carranco Gallardo at [email protected].  

For more information about TPS, you can reach out to Wayne Kornack at [email protected] or [email protected]




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