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Pictographics Introduces inCamera Profiling Plug-In

Create custom camera and scanner profiles in Photoshop




Pictographics' inCamera Photoshop plug-in makes it possible to create custom profiles of digital cameras and scanners. Using profiling technology from Pictographics' standalone inCamera Professional and ColorSynergy software, the plug-in works with Photoshop 5, 6 and 7 and is designed to help digital photographers achieve more predictable results.

“Getting the color right at the image-capture stage of a color-managed workflow is critical, and accurate ICC profiles are essential to the process,” explains Pictographics' president Wayne Huelskoetter. “We have combined the digital camera ICC profiling technology that utilizes the GretagMacbeth ColorChecker and ColorChecker DC charts and the scanner ICC profiling technology utilizing IT8 targets into an easy-to-use plug-in.”

The user guide supplied with the plugin explains how to create and use ICC input profiles in a Photoshop color-managed workflow. Essentially it's a five-step process:

1. Select the appropriate chart and reference file.

2. Capture the chart with scanner or digital camera.

3. Open the captured image in Photoshop.

4. Use inCamera to make an ICC input profile.

5. Assign the profile to other images captured on the same device and in the same manner as the image in the profiled chart.

The assigned profile will help correct any color distortions caused by the camera or scanner to produce a color-corrected and profiled image that is ready to use in any project.

The inCamera user guide also explains how to profile scanners used to capture images from negative film.


The software lists for $149.95 and can be downloaded from the Pictographics' website. (Pictographics:



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