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PhotoPlus Expo Report

A sampling of new products introduced at PhotoPlus.




PhotoPlus Expo Report

More than 22,000 professional photographers and creatives
attended the 2004 PhotoPlus Expo in NY Oct. 21-23. With
more than 230 exhibitors offering the latest in digital camera
equipment, scanners, imaging software, lighting equipment,
and more, visitors learned about all of the new products
and technology.

In addition, there were numerous educational opportunities
“?from the 100+ seminars (from workflow and color management
to techniques and opportunities) to the Digital Learning
Center (with a focus on digital workflow and the business
of photography). Here is a sampling of the new products introduced
to the US market at PhotoPlus:

Nikon's 12.4-Mpxl D2X
Professional Digital Camera

Nikon's latest digital SLR camera is the
12.4-Mpxl D2X, which offers a 23.7 x 15.7
mm CMOS sensor, and a maximum resolution
of 4288 x 2848 dpi.

The D2X offers users two options on
shooting, depending on the image size and
speed required for the job. At full 12.4-Mpxl
resolution, the D2X shoots 5 frames/sec
(up to 21 consecutive), or users can
choose to shoot 6.8-Mpxl 'high-speed
cropped' images (up to 3216 x 2136 dpi) at
the rate of 8 frames/sec (up to 35 consecutive
images). The high-speed-cropped
option decreases the number of pixels
used to record the image on the sensor.


The wireless Nikon Creative Lighting
System allows photographers the portability
of setting up creative lighting
schemes anywhere they can carry a set
of compact speedlights. The D2X also features
a 2.5-in. LCD monitor, and the new
DX Format CMOS sensor is optimized for
use with the full line of Nikkor lenses. The
Next Generation Color Reproduction
Engine offers finer gradations and
smoother color transitions for color accuracy
over a wider exposure range.

Images are stored onto CompactFlash
cards and Microdrives. And the optional
WT-2A Wi-Fi transmitter allows full wireless
remote camera control and data
transmission; the D2X also offers USB or
FTP transfer. The magnesium-alloy body is
built to stand up to professional use and is
sealed to protect against water and dust.

The D2X is scheduled to be available in
January 2005. The price has yet to be set.

Epson R-D1 Rangefinder
Digital Camera

Epson's new R-D1 camera combines a classic
feel and look of a traditional Rangefinder
camera with the latest digital technology.
The 6.1-Mpxl camera sports an aluminum
die-cast body, a magnesium alloy exterior,
and L/M-mount lenses (with more than
200 lenses available).

The 23.7 x 15.6-mm CCD allows for
resolutions up to 3008 x 2000 pxl that
will produce output up to 16 x 20 in. The RD1
supports RAW (3008 x 2000 pxl) and
two JPEG modes (normal, 2240 x 1488
pxl; and high, 3008 x 2000 pxl); both
JPEG modes incorporate Epson's PRINT
Image Matching II technology.


Aimed at photojournalists, the R-D1
has modified the Rangefinder 's film
knobs and buttons, using them in a digital
way: the film rewind knob allows photographers
to scroll through images on the
LCD and the film advance lever recocks
the mechanical shutter after a digital
image has been taken.

The R-D1 features a 1.x viewfinder, a 2-
in. color LCD, and a Secure Digital memory
card (up to 1 GB). It also includes an Epson
RAW Plug-in, Epson RAW, and a tutorial DVD.

The street price is $2999, which
includes a 1-year warranty.

Cambo Wide DS-350 4×5

Designed for architectural and landscape
digital photographers who demand high-res
images, the Cambo Wide DS-350 4×5
camera from Calumet offers a wide-angle
digital solution that is portable and can be
used untethered with a digital back. It provides
the equivalent focal length of a
65mm lens on a 4×5 format or a 24mm
lens on a 35mm format.

The Wide DS system offers a “double
shift”?rise-and-fall and lateral”?for combined
vertical (front) and horizontal (rear)
movements for perspective control. The
DS-350 also features: a new Schneider Digitar
5.6/35mm lens; a rotating back, allow-
ing for a switch from horizontal to vertical
formats; an optical viewfinder with a 120″?
viewing angle; and an aluminum-alloy
body. The DS-350 accepts digital backs
such as Leaf, PhaseOne, Imacon, Eyelike,
or Sinar with mounts for the Hasselblad V
series, Hasselblad H1, Mimiya 645AFD, or
Contax 645-compatible backs.


The retail price of the Cambo Wide DS
350 is $4999 or $5499, depending on
mount. (Calumut Professional Imaging:

DxO Labs Unveils DxO RAW
Engine and DxO Optics Pro 2

DxO Optics Pro 2 is a software application
that automatically improves the quality of
images produced by digital SLR cameras,
correcting distortions, vignetting, and
image softness (blur). DxO RAW Engine is
an optional module that works seamlessly
with DxO Optics Pro to perform RAW
image conversion and enabling Optics
Pro's image-enhancement features to be
applied on RAW files in full 16-bit mode.
DxO Optics Pro 2 is fully batchable and
automatically adjusts for shooting parameters
(focal length, aperture, ISA, focus
distance, etc.). The new features in version
2 include user-controllable correction
(0 to 100%) for distortion and vignetting,
adjustable sharpening, and reduced
image cropping when correcting distortion.
The program also offers interfaces
and documentation in five languages, and
is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms.
Supported cameras include Canon
EOS models, and several Nikon, Sony, and
Konica-Minolta digital cameras.
Price: DxO Optics Pro: $59-$119
depending on camera model; DxO RAW
Engine: $119. (DxO Labs:

Creo Announces Leaf Aptus
Camera Back

The Leaf Aptus is the latest in portable
digital camera backs from Creo. The new
22- or 17-Mpxl backs offer many new features,
including: a full-frame CCD dual
sensor readout for a capture speed of 1.2
sec/frame, 50 frames/min (both tethered
and untethered); 16-bit color; and resolutions
up to 4056 x 5356 (Aptus 22), and
3576 x 4716 (Aptus 17).

Creo claims this is the first camera back
with a touch screen and graphic user interface,
making it easier to operate and set up
custom jobs. With it, files can be prenamed,
job folders created, and files flagged/edited
on location for a faster workflow.

The Leaf Aptus also integrates a new
compressed RAW HDR (CHDR) file format.
This format decreases the size of RAW
HDR files with lossless compression that
retains 100% of the original data. This
speeds up shooting, doubles effective
storage, and makes archiving and file
transmission twice as efficient, reports
Creo. For example, file size for the Leaf
HDR is 126 M, Leaf RAW HDR is 42 M, and
compressed cHDR is 21 M (lossless) or
11 M (nearly lossless).

In addition, the Aptus also features a 6 x
7-cm LCD for image evaluation, focus confirmation,
and editing; an integrated compact
flash with power for more than 1000
frames; a 20-GB Leaf Digital Magazine with
storage space for up to 2000 frames; and
Bluetooth wireless display technology to
preview shots away from the camera using
the Leaf DP-67 portable display.

The Leaf Aptus supports the Hasselblad
H1 and V series; Mimaki 645AFD,
RZ67, and RB67; Contax 645AFD; Fuji
GX680; Bronica SQA/ETRS; and view cameras
from Sinar, Toyo, Cambo, Linhof,
Horseman, and Rollei X-Act.

Commercial shipping begins in February
2005; price TBA. (Creo:



Printvinyl Scored Print Media

New Printvinyl Scored wide-format print media features an easy-to-remove scored liner for creating decals, product stickers, packaging labels, and more. The precision-scored liner, with a 1.25” spacing on a 60” roll, guarantees a seamless and hassle-free removal process.

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