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ORIS Color Tuner 5 Passes Altona Test

Meets conditions in new PDF/X-3 test suite




A leading association of printers in Germany (the Bundesverband Druck) has announced that CGS' digital proofing system ORIS Color Tuner was successfully tested with the Altona suite of PDF/X-3 files. The test files, which were developed by a consortium of European industry organizations, will be used in the Color Proofing Roundup to be held during the IPA Technical Seminar May 13-15 in Chicago.

The test suite consists of three PDF files, including the ECI 2002 color characterization charts and two files for setting up and checking output systems. One file includes challenging visual elements, including spot duotone images, device-independent RGB and CIELAB elements, and PostScript 3 smooth shading. The other file includes font coding and a large number of overprinting conditions.

When the test suite was introduced at the Digitaldruck Forum last fall, none of the participants passed the test. However, ORIS Color Tuner 5 met all test conditions presented by the files before the software began shipping earlier this month.

A 33-page document explaining the test suite can be downloaded from the IPA's Color Proofing Roundup web-site. (



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