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New Color Display Tools from Pantone

Eye-One Display LT, Eye-One Display 2, and the huey.




Pantone is bringing three new color display tools to market: the Eye-One Display LT, Eye-One Display 2, and the huey.

Designed for the creative professional who is just getting started in color management, the Eye-One Display LT includes a profile summary that reports target color temperature, luminance, and gamma, plus it can calibrate multiple monitors connected to a single workstation. The Display LT can be upgraded to the Eye-One Display 2 as the user's needs expand. Price: $169.

The Eye-One Display 2 is for advanced professionals that want to control every aspect of color management onscreen. The Display 2 contains all the features of the LT, but also provides unlimited control and customization capabilities over the gamma and whitepoint settings. It comes with an ambient light head that snaps onto the device, which also acts as a dust protector to ensure the sensor's longevity. Price: $249.

The low-priced huey is designed for high-end photo hobbyists, gamers, and other computer uses that want correct color. About the size of a marker, the huey continually adjusts the monitor as the room lighting changes. Pantone reports that the huey will calibrate a monitor in less than 5 min and adjust it based on the user's primary viewing activity”?photos, games, or graphics. Price: $89.

All three products are available directly from Pantone and through GretagMacbeth. The two companies announced a strategic partnership in mid-January in which they would work together to make color management more accessible to a wide variety of users”?from customers to professionals.





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