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New “Color & Color Management” Course from IMI

Takes place July 30-31 in Carrabasset Valley, Maine.





The Information Management Institute (IMI) has announces a new course, “Color & Color Management,” designed to present the most important elements in color reproduction for printing devices, and how to control and correct color at different stages during the reproduction process.

Specifically, reports IMI, the course—held July 30-31 in Carrabassett Valley, Maine–will enable attendees to:
• Understand the additive and subtractive principle of color reproduction;
• Understand the role of color spaces: their suitability, advantages and disadvantages for color reproduction;
• Understand the color difference delta E/delta #24 and become confident in using them;
• Compare and classify basic halftoning techniques, their performance and limitations;
• Understand the color-separation process, undercolor removal (UCR) and gray-component replacement (GCR) techniques;
• Understand the advantage of a multicolor printing process over the conventional four-component printing process;
• Understand the gamut differences, gamut mapping and how a device is characterized for accurate color reproduction;
• Understand the basic concepts of device characterization and calibration;
• Differentiate between CMM-based and sRGB-based color-reproduction approaches and understand the advantages and limitations of each; and
• Understand the importance of the viewing conditions when examining a color reproduction.

The course will be led by Dr. Gabriel Marcu, senior scientist of the ColorSync Group at Apple Inc. Dr. Marcu has taught seminars on color computing for Shizuoka University in Japan; University of California at Berkeley & IS&T/SPIE’s Electronic Imaging conference; on color quality in desktop printing for IS&T/SID’s CIC, PICS’ and NIP programs as well as leading IMI’s Color & Color Management course in the US and Europe.

The course is one of six courses that comprise IMI’s Digital Printing Summer Camp. Other courses include: “Ink Jet Academy: Theory of Ink Jet Technology,” “Digital Printing Markets,” Ink Jet Ink Manufacturing,” “Surface Tension, Wetting and Capillarity,” and “Managing Product Development for Value.”

Registration fee: $1095 per attendee (includes session, meals, reception, conference reference binder/CD, more). Hotel reservations at the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel are the responsibility of each registrant.





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