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The Post Print Manufacturers Association (PPMA) is a trade association for manufacturers and distributors of equipment and consumables used in finishing printed images, graphics, and documents. To help eliminate some of the confusion that exists with regard to product descriptions, the PPMA's Technical Committee has begun work on a “Communications Practices” guidebook.

“The objective is to eliminate much of the confusion our customers encounter when trying to obtain consistent information about finishing products and performance,” notes Al Boese, PPMA executive director.

The document will establish consistent terms and language for products, specifications, applications, and processes used in the finishing industry. For example, the publication will establish standardized definitions for terms such as “tunneling,” “boat wake,” “permanent” and “low-heat” when used to describe laminating films and other finishing products and the problems they are intended to solve. The guidebook is expected to be available in January 2004.

When the book is released, PPMA member companies have agreed to begin using the agreed-upon language in all of their business communications including brochures, websites, and sales contacts.

The document represents the first phase in the association's ongoing standards program.
In addition to educating the graphics community about the value of finishing, the PPMA provides educational and business resources and assists its members in projecting future trends in the market. Associate memberships are available to the trade shops, graphic providers and other businesses that use finishing technology and materials. (PPMA:




Interior Décor and Textile Printing: What Equipment Do You Need?

The First Installment of the new Interior Décor and Textiles Webinar Series, Bridging the Gap Between Commercial Peel-and-Stick Wall Graphics & Professional Home Décor, focuses on the technology used for these applications. Our expert panel of speakers cover topics such as what equipment to purchase, what to look for when purchasing, and the various applications you can offer with the equipment you currently have. Watch the first episode, sponsored by TVF, above.

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