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Mimaki Celebrates Arrival of Affordable 'Baby Grand'

New JV3-250SP inkjet is 98 in. wide and under $50,000




Mimaki's new 98-in. 'baby grand' solvent-system inkjet printer”?the Mimaki JV3-250SP– provides a high level of graphics-production flexibility for under $50,000. Operators of the printer can either output extra-large banners on one 100-in.-wide roll or print to two 45-in. rolls of media side-by-side for fast turnaround of higher volume jobs.

A wide range of throughput speeds and image-quality levels can be attained through choices such as using: 1) two sets of four-color (CMYK) inks instead of one set of six-color (CMYKcm) ink; 2) standard-sized droplet of inks instead of variable-size droplets of inks; 3) bi-directional instead of uni-directional print modes; and 4) a 360 x 360 dpi resolution instead of 1440 x 1440 dpi. Operators can also choose to run the machine at 360 x 540 dpi, 360 x 720 dpi, 720 x 720 dpi, or 720 x 1440 dpi.

Mimaki is mentioning a maximum throughput speed of 375 sq ft/hr., but indicates speeds in the 100-200 sq ft/hr range for more popular types of applications. For example, at 360 x 720 dpi with variable droplets in the four pass, bi-directional mode, a print could be output at 105 sq ft/hr in the four-color standard speed and 171 sq ft/hr in the four-color hi-speed mode.

Mimaki's solvent-based inks and machine's built-in heater make it possible to produce high-resolution images on lower-cost untreated media, including popular adhesive-backed, banner and flexface vinyls. A computer chip on the ink cartridges monitors the amount of ink consumed.

Production shops that don't run their wide-format inkjet printers all day every day will be interested in the machine's self-cleaning system. When left on standby, the machine automatically cleans itself every hour. A capping station avoids the need for measures such as wrapping printheads in plastic wrap to keep them from drying out.

The $49,995 base price of the Mimaki JV3-250SP includes Mimaki's proprietary Raster Link Pro RIP as well as a media lift that makes it possible for one person to easily handle the up to 242-lb. rolls of media that the Mimaki JV3-250SP is capable of holding. (Mimaki USA: 800-530-4041;



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