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Manager’s-To-Do List for April




Barbara Chandler Allen

Mar 29-Apr 4

TECHNOLOGY Everyone complains about the distractions of digital technology, but then they let every app on their phone buzz and flash all day long. Today, turn off all your notifications (with the exception of web-connected smoke alarms, of course).

SHOP ENVIRONMENT As part of your spring cleaning, take a moment to evaluate your shop’s restrooms. Are they in need of a fresh coat of paint, new faucet, or updated artwork? Clients pay attention to these details.

April 5-11

MARKETING According to this month’s “Do You or Don’t You” survey (page 40), nearly 81 percent of Big Picture readers have sent employees away for training. Take this time to research opportunities and certifications like PDAA, UASG, and OSHA.

April 12-18

EDUCATION Grab the notes you took during all those educational sessions at ISA Sign Expo and start implementing them.

NETWORKING How connected are you to your local business community? Learn about membership and meetings of your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club. You can even find regional business events on more socially focused websites like Attend a few events to see if there’s an opportunity for you to share trends in business branding and industry technology at a future meeting.

April 19-25

STAFF Ask employees for their summer vacation requests. While you’re working on a roster, block your vacation time, as well – even if it’s just a staycation.


STAFF Ensure you and your employees are getting sufficient sleep. Cutting back on your Zs is a false trade-off: A tired staff can create all kinds of problems. Don’t let Daylight Savings Time get the best of you.

April 26-May 1

MARKETING Brush off the cobwebs in your old marketing files. This is a great time to revisit successful promotions from the past and reconsider ideas that might deserve a second look.

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