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Mamiya's ZD Digital Back

Captures 12-bit color and contains 35MB raw files




Mamiya's first digital camera back, the 22-Mpxl ZD 22, is now available in the US and the rest of North America. Designed for the Mamiya 645AFD II, 645AFD, and RZ67 Pro IID medium-format cameras, the digital back features a 48mm x 36mm CCD sensor, a shooting speed of 1.2 frames/second, and an ISO sensitivity of 50 to 400. Additionally, the Mamiya ZD features the ability to save files as raw, JPEG, or both simultaneously. The digital back captures images in 12-bit color and generates file sizes up to 35 MB in raw format without compression.

The Mamiya ZD is compatible with both CF (compact flash) and SD (secure data) cards. Both cards are able to be inserted into the back at the same time, enabling users to switch between storing images on either one without having to remove or replace the cards. Approximately 100 images in raw format can be stored onto a 4-GB CF card. Additionally, the digital back features a standard IR (infrared) cut filter that can be interchanged with the optional Low-Pass filter, which reduces or removes moire and fixes aliasing.

The Mamiya ZD features icon-based white balance settings and a 1.8-in. LCD monitor and is able to be controlled via a computer. Adobe's Lightroom software is also included with the Mamiya ZD.

Price: $6999 for the digital back alone; $9999 with the 645AFD II medium-format camera and 80mm f/2.8 AF lens.

Mamiya also has introduced two lens in a new series of high-resolution medium-format lenses designed for both digital and film photography: the Mamiya Sekor AF 75-150mm f/4.5 D lens and the Mamiya Sekor AF 28mm f/4.5 D lens. The former is a telephoto zoom lens with an angle of view of 50? to 26?; minimum focusing distance is 3.3 ft.

The AF 28mm f/4.5 D lens is a full-frame, ultra-wide lens designed for a range of applications, including commercial, architectural, and outdoor photography. The lens has an angle of view of 102? and a minimum focus distance of 1.15 ft.





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