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In order to keep business going during lockdown, one PSP got creative.




IN 2020, THE BIG industry news was the pivot to PPE, safety signage, and charitable print jobs. But many shops, like CR&A Custom in Los Angeles, still had their regular clients who needed show-stopping projects to be completed, all while following state guidelines. Light Field Lab in San Jose, California, was one of them. The company, which is building the world’s most innovative holographic ecosystem, was in need of a full redesign of their interior office.

“We had to utilize our existing equipment and knowledge base to create the designer’s overall look while maintaining a safe work environment by keeping people at a distance,” says Masoud Rad, COO, CR&A Custom. “Having part of the team work remotely proved to be an additional challenge in manufacturing.” CR&A overcame the obstacles and installed a mesmerizing light beam design on the office lobby wall, which was reverse printed on an HP Latex 3600 printer onto transparent 3M self-adhesive vinyl in order to make the design work from both sides of the glass. This printed design continued the “infinity” theme throughout the office, and was a finalist for the ShawContract Design Award.

Alex Marcheschi is the Associate Editor of Screen Printing and Big Picture.



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