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Part 3 — Q&A: Looking Forward to a New Year

Part three of the annual Editorial Advisory Board roundtable.




This is part three of the 2020 Big Picture‘s Editorial Advisory Board roundtable discussion. 

Brian Adam, President/Owner, Olympus Group
Elaine Scrima, VP Operations, GSP
Tanya McNab, Founder/Creative Director, McNab Visual Strategies
Brian Hite, President, Image Options
Carol Yeager, Owner/Creative Director, MY Prints
Stan Lucas, Business Development Manager, Wide Format, DCG One
Bob Kissel, President/CEO, KDM P.O.P Solutions Group
Gary Schellerer, VP/Partner, ER2 Image Group
Diana Herrera, President, AP Imaging
Carmen Rad, Founder/President, CR&A Custom

We could all use some positivity as we move onto a new year. What are you looking forward to in 2021?

BA Every economic recession/downturn in history has always ended with a robust rebound/recovery chalk full of opportunities. At Olympus, we experienced our greatest growth on the backend of the Great Recession 2008 to 2010. I am confident that at some point in 2021 the rebound will start and companies that survive will be well-positioned to capitalize on the rebound.

BK I’m looking forward to moving away from COVID-19 and looking forward, which I hope is to some type normalcy and normal way of doing business. Time will tell so we will see.

GS Personally, I am ready for this to be over. I think at the end of this nightmare will be a new, fresh environment; probably with less competition.

DH Getting back to travel, socializing, and business, as well as having the elections over and done with. God bless America.


CR I am looking forward to some events to come back and new creative ways to have them and stay safe.  I can’t wait to have coffee with my clients and friends and really value those moments. The worst has happened and now we just have to move forward. If we’ve made it this far, we are going to be okay.

BH Image Options is very optimistic for the future of our business. An essential part of being entrepreneurs is optimism and that optimism influences us to take risks, to think differently, be flexible, and create new ideas. It will definitely take new ideas and differing approaches to make it through 2021!

ES I think the positive take away is we reconnected. Reconnected with ourselves, reconnected with our families, and reconnected with our teams. Many of the everyday things we all took for granted, we now have a greater appreciation for those things. People actually talked to one another: “How are you feeling?” “What are you thinking?” “Are you okay?” “What can I help you with?” Neighbors out walking and riding bikes, waving to one another. Sharing or helping one another find needed supplies. This country has always been very resilient in times of crisis and we saw our industry find very creative ways to protect our own and our businesses.

TM Looking forward to less election and less COVID news. I realize it’s very much alive in society and developments in COVID are important but the political spin from both sides have been draining. I think the world has a new-found appreciation for family, friends, and customers. Every level of society has been affected and we can only hope we will all take a lesson or two away from this.

CY I like to believe 2021 will be a year with a positive upswing. While there are extreme cases of loss that we have all faced in one way or another, there is a true show of ingenuity and tenacity for survival. In this time of crisis, we saw our strengths and our capabilities to come together to support one another. I trust we will be stronger and better than ever.

SL Continuing to celebrate the title of the Seattle Storm’s WNBA championship, the Seattle Mariners finally making it to the World Series, the Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, and the Seattle Reign, women’s soccer team winning their title, the new Seattle NHL team, The Kraken, winning the Stanley Cup, and the Seattle Rugby team, The Seawolves, three-peating their 2021 championship.


In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to glasses of wine on a sunset beach with multiple friends gathered around a bonfire; a new administration that inspires hope and unity; new business opportunities; packed dance floors; Christmas and 4th of July parties; loud rock-n-roll with crowds; noisy restaurants packed with Octoberfest celebrants; hugs; French-kisses; the look of wariness and anxiety melting from friends faces and turning into gleeful smiles; an “Ooohhh, this is good. Taste-this-drink” and doing it safely; not washing my hands to the point that my skin looks reptilian; doffing my daily mask; and most importantly, publicly (like the Oscars or Super Bowl style) recognizing some heroic efforts by researchers, scientists, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, teachers, delivery and grocery workers, and everyone who made even a small difference.

Adrienne Palmer joined Big Picture magazine in 2012 after graduating from Ohio University’s Scripps School of Journalism with a BA in magazine journalism. During her time with Big Picture, she has held the roles of assistant editor, associate editor, and managing editor, and is now serving as editor-in-chief. If she isn’t traveling, she’s planning her next trip.



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