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Lasco UV Printers from DYSS

Korean-based company releases new printers.




Korea-based DYSS has introduced the Lasco UV printers. These printers accommodate both rollfed and rigid media; feature Spectra heads, dual Mercury curing lamps, and media tables for rigid substrates; and use a vacuum table with adjustable vacuum sections to hold down rigid media up to 3-in. thick. The Lasco UV printers also boast of good adhesion onto glass, without any precoating, but also offer a special precoating for other applications.

Complete with 5-l ink tanks, the Lasco UV printers also offer two color arrangements- a double 4-color (CMYK x 2) or 6-color (CMYKcm + 2 W or CMYKcm + 2 spot) inkset, with white and spot inks available soon. Compatible substrates include rollfed PVC, vinyl, banner materials, rigid foam, PVC sheets, corrugated boards, wood, glass, acrylic, PP, PC, and more.

Other features include a roll-to-roll take-up system, movable right-side media bracket, automatic head-height adjustment, and a contact sensor for measuring media thickness. The UV printers are powered by an AC servo motor for three-axis control (X, Y, and Z axis).

Except for size and heads, these printers are essentially the same, however the UV250/UV320 printers are equipped with more powerful UV lamps (1200-watt lamps vs. 700-watt lamps) that are suitable for industrial applications such as steel, glass, and tile.

The Lasco UV250/UV320 are 98- and 126-in. wide, respectively, and feature 8 Spectra 256 30-pl heads with 2048 nozzles. Producing print resolutions up to 720 x 800 dpi, the printers report print speeds with the 4-color x 2 inkset of 969 sq ft/hr in Draft mode, 484 sq ft/hr in Production mode, and 323 sq ft/hr in High Quality mode.

The 63-in. Lasco UV160 and 79-in. Lasco UV200 are armed with 12 Spectra SE-128 30-pl heads with 1536 nozzles, which produce resolutions up to 720 x 800 dpi. Print speeds (4-color x 2) range from 861 sq ft/hr in Draft mode to 431 sq ft/hr in Production mode, and 269 sq ft/hr in High Quality mode.


The Amica Color Print RIP is included; the Onyx RIP will be available in 2008. Options: white or spot color ($10,000) and auto media loading system for mass production.

Price: Lasco UV160, $100,000; Lasco UV200, $120,000; Lasco UV250, $185,000; Lasco UV320, $230,000. DYSS has not yet secured a US distributor.




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