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Innovative Color Metrology and Viewing Systems Cooperate with Professional Workflow Systems for Color Communication




Germany's color metrology specialist, caddon printing & imaging GmbH, which is headquartered in Stuttgart and Aachen, and workflow specialist DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH from Kehl, Germany, are presenting the initial results of their cooperative efforts for the first time at EuroDUO 2015, the European user conference for DALIM SOFTWARE customers in Barcelona (Spain).

caddon printing & imaging GmbH is the developer and manufacturer of multispectral color metrology and reproduction systems. In contrast to spectral photometers, these systems are capable of measuring surfaces with colored patterns with locational accuracy. The result of this imaging measuring method is an image format whose individual pixels contain spectral values instead of the typical RGB values.

As an add-on module for the can:scan multispectral systems, caddon offers the can:view standard light viewing system, which visualizes the captured image content under automated, controlled conditions in real-time at various locations, and evaluates the content by metrological methods.

DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH offers highly-efficient, scalable software solutions for creating, producing and managing cross-media content – solutions that are specifically designed for globally players in the media and communications industry, or also for color synchronization processes between brand-name producers and their suppliers.

The core of the portfolio is the highly-productive, modular software engines TWIST, DIALOGUE Engine and ES, which can be used to compile specialist teamwork solutions for a variety of media content. In the first steps of the cooperative steps between the two companies, the caddon image format will be added to the DIALOGUE Engine's extensive list of displayable file formats.

“Cooperation between the two companies extends the service portfolio in both cases, creating a highly-efficient color pattern communication system which overcomes the technology-related limitations of legacy systems that can only measure and manage monochrome patterns. Objective, metrology-based evaluation of multi-colored surfaces featuring complex designs combines multispectral image content in a process-assured, reproducible way which is perceptively limited; that is, only visually perceivable influences that spectral photometers cannot detect. These digital master samples can be exchanged to support color communication workflows between multiple partners in an optimal way thanks to the highly-productive, modular TWIST, DIALOGUE Engine and ES software engines from DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH. The users' color synchronization workflows can thus be vastly accelerated, while at the same time achieving substantial gains in terms of control and efficiency. The substantially reduces production costs for first and follow-up runs,” explains caddon CEO, Michael Nothelfer.


Andreas Wagner, Business Development Manager at DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH adds, “Communicating color is an elementary part of collaboration, and not just between media service providers and printers; it is becoming increasingly important for purchasers at brand-name producers. And thanks to caddon technology, we can extend the circle of partners in the production chain to also include textile manufacturers, and thus cover important synchronization processes in advance of the actual SOP.”



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