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Imacon's Faster Ixpress "C" Camera Back"

Moire-free images are previewed, transferred, and stored




Imacon's Ixpress “C” high-end digital camera back comes in both a 96 single-shot model and a 384 multi-shot model, both which incorporate a 16 million nine-micron pixel CCD sensor and use Imacon's I-Adaptor concept where one camera back fits all cameras. A 22 million-pixel CCD sensor has also been built into the 132 Single-shot and 528 multi-shot models.

All Ixpress “C” models shoot 16-bit color images, preview up to 1150 96-MB images or 850 132-MB images in sequence, and offer instant exposure feedback, including preview with ultra-fast zoom functionality, histograms, and acoustic feedback through the range's menu-driven color display system.

Ixpress “C” digital backs can upload more than 100 preview images from Imacon's unique image bank in 2.5 secs and require only five to seven seconds to transfer and back up a full resolution file to a laptop or computer. The new menu-driven color display has been built into the digital backs to prevent additional power from being drawn from the image bank.

The digital back has precise registration thanks to Imacon's 4*Res multiple exposure technique enabling the entire CCD area to capture moire-free images without interpolation and free from temperature instability. By shooting the same object more than once, while moving the CCD sensor between shots, the Imacon multi-shot provides a much higher resolution (up to 4 times), greatly improving color quality.

Imacon digital backs are fully upgradeable from single-shot to multi-shot (one, four and 16 shot) with the 4*Res module. Photographers have the option to either purchase the Ixpress “C” 384 or 528 backs initially, or buy a Ixpress “C” single-shot 96 or 132 model and have 384 or 528 multishot add-on modules retro-fitted at a later date in the factory.

The retro-fit upgrade is achieved through a specially-designed split housing unit in the Ixpress 96 and 132 models, allowing photographers to have the 4*Res add-on module added to the single-shot back. This enables them to take advantage of 4-shot and 16-shot options in the future without having to change camera backs.


The following Ixpress models list for these prices: single-shot C 96 ($17,995), multi-shot C 384 ($21,995), single-shot C132 ($23,995), and multi-shot C 528 ($29,995). All except the C 528 are available now. It will begin to ship in January 2004. (Imacon:



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