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Imacon and Leica to Develop a Digital Camera Back

Allows for digital or analog photography




Imacon is partnering with Leica Cameras and Kodak's Division for Imaging Sensor Solutions to develop a new camera back for Leica single lens reflex R8 and R9 camera series. The new Leica Digital Module R will be introduced at Photokina 2004 in September and will be the first hybrid 35 mm SLR camera with the option for either digital or analog photography.

The Digital Module R will fit quickly and easily onto the back of Leica's regular production R8 and R9 cameras, which were designed with a digital module in mind. Photographers will be able to switch from film to digital and back again–providing real flexibility on location or in the studio. The CCD will be a 10 MPxl sensor developed and manufactured by Kodak ISS especially for the Leica Module R. Images will be stored on SD card. The camera will use a FireWire interface and a low focal-length extension of 1.37x. All lenses of the Leica R SLR system should be available for digital photography.

Imacon's FlexColor software, which incorporates a common ICC platform across its digital camera backs and scanners, will be built into the Module R, enabling a fully integrated color- and image-management system photographers who use Imacon's Flextight scanners.

With the new Digital Module R, the photographer will be able to control sensitivity settings, resolution, compression, white balance, self-timer, and exposure corrections. The color monitor on the digital back can be used to evaluate stored images, with histograms detailing information on each shot. The first quantities of the camera are expected to ship at the end of 2004. (Imacon:; Leica:



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