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Hidden Gem

Dazzling graphics for a tropical pearl store.



TENERIFE PERLA’S FLAGSHIP pearl store in the Canary Islands offers customers guided tours, pick-your-own oysters for bespoke jewelry, and an extensive pearl collection, not to mention a tropical locale. When the shop’s exterior began crumbling and detracting from the boutique experience, Tenerife Perla reached out to United Kingdom-based PSP Lavastar for a site survey.

After returning to the UK, Lavastar imaged a 510-gsm premium-coated PVC banner with an EFI Vutek 5r, shipped the building wrap materials to the island, and sent staff back to Tenerife for three sunny days of installation. The installers fitted Spirit-Flex F2 aluminium frames around the perimeter of the building’s façade, incorporating studwork around multiple external doors still in use, and positioned the banners to cover the deteriorating building in colorful, classy graphics.





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