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GMG Brings Consistent Color to Everything in Print During Printing United




GMG (, the leading developer of high-end color management solutions, will be demonstrating its complete product line of color management solutions at booth 10561 during PRINTING United (October 23-25), and on the Epson (#1227) and HYBRID Software (#533) booths during PRINT 19. In addition, the company will preview new color technologies that are likely to have an impact in the near future.

With GMG, wherever a color goes, it stays that color 
“Both trade shows GMG will be attending, PRINTING United and PRINT 19, focus on all areas of print, from commercial and digital or wide-format, to packaging and labels,” notes Paulo Monteiro, VP Sales, GMG Americas. “Our customers—advertising agencies, prepress shops, and offset, flexographic, packaging, digital and large format printers are involved in a wide range of application areas and print processes. It is now even more important that they can match colors for all jobs, no matter the process. And, at the GMG booth, a preview of a new method of digital color communication via color cards, will be featured. This is where GMG excels.”

With GMG ColorCard, ink drawdowns are not a drawback
There are times that print buyers are very concerned about how a color will be reproduced, either because it is a difficult ink or because it is printed on an unusual substrate. GMG will be demonstrating a technology concept of its new GMG ColorCard, a solution that produces digital ink drawdowns—accurate color samples on specific substrates, but shown digitally, rather than a traditional process. While GMG ColorCard is still just an innovation project, results from the limited pre-release program suggest that the solution will likely revolutionize ink kitchens worldwide. It will allow users to create drawdowns in less than three minutes, saving up to 90% of the time that is currently required for conventional production. Reliable and color accurate results that can be reproduced with one click account for more efficiency in any print approval process and take color communication to a new level. 

Making a big impression with large format and digital print
Large format print providers need all their digital presses to output consistent color—on all substrates. GMG ColorServer provides a centralized system that ensures consistent reliable color at the highest quality standards. Users can create highly automated workflows overseeing color for every digital press on the floor, saving time and money for everyone. Separations and file conversions are no longer associated with an enormous amount of work with GMG SmartProfiler. The software wizard allows anyone to calibrate, recalibrate and profile digital and large format printing systems easily and without advanced color management knowledge. 

Packaging: Accurate color where it's needed the most
GMG understands that workflow automation is still clearly an important prepress topic—and there are ways that color management can be further improved. To that end, GMG is making it easier to connect GMG ColorServer and GMG OpenColor, an innovation that enhances process reliability and stability. Saving time and money while guaranteeing a consistent color appearance for packaging applications, GMG ColorServer now assures the automated use of specific separation profiles in the workflow. 

With the increasing use of multi-color printing and different combinations of inks, substrates, screening, and other variables, packaging printing involves a lot of color fingerprints and profile tweaking. GMG OpenColor software, a past recipient of PIA InterTech Technology and FTA Technical Innovation awards, is a GMG highlight. GMG OpenColor provides proofing technology that precisely predicts the color appearance of printed inks, particularly ‘overprints’—inks printed on top of each other without requiring extensive fingerprinting. GMG OpenColor can also create multichannel separation profiles to separate jobs from a certain number of colors to any other number colors; for example, from RGB to seven colors. GMG OpenColor version 2.2 incorporates automatic, spectral data-based optimization of measurement data. Data obtained from the calibration process has to be optimized. Erroneous test charts, poor substrate textures, and dust can all cause an excessive degree of distortion— or from the measuring device itself. Thanks to the automatic optimization of the measurement data, users can create a color-accurate profile in only a few steps—with exceptional quality. 


At PRINTING United and on the Epson booth during PRINT 19, GMG will also highlight how it connects to Epson SureColor S80 series digital printers to produce exceptional, color-accurate prototypes on a wide variety of substrates. “We believe we offered, for the first time, color-accurate package press proofs,” comments Monteiro. “People can finally create prototypes that look and feel exactly like the final product.”

GMG ColorProof: The contract proofing standard
For years, GMG ColorProof has been the preferred solution for efficient and safe contract proofing. GMG ColorProof offers uncompromising color fidelity and is compliant with globally accepted printing standards. GMG ColorProof comes pre-loaded with color profiles of all common standards, so users can get started right away. To print the first proof, users just select the printer, calibrate it, and they are ready in just a few seconds. GMG ColorProof 5.11 ensures compatibility with the latest Adobe products to keep up with the state of the art and deliver consistent results. Because the RIP integrated in GMG ColorProof is based on the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE 5.1), it supports the latest features of PDF 2.0 technology. 

Another highlight at the GMG booth is the demonstration of GMG ColorProof GO for remote proofing, delivering consistent, reliable print results, independent of location. Data handling via a browser assures easier administration and distribution of data. All proofing systems and printers can be monitored and managed at any time and any place. “Our customers are used to GMG’s pledge for high quality, which is evident in the ongoing development of our proofing products”, says Jens Bloeck, Product Manager Proofing. 

“GMG continues to offer impressive solutions for any print provider. And, we continue to work on new ways to assure accurate color,” explains Monteiro. “We look forward to making color management even easier for GMG visitors at PRINTING United and PRINT 19.” 


About GMG: GMG is a leading developer and provider of high-quality color management software solutions. The company was founded in 1984 in Tübingen. With more than 35 years of experience in the graphics industry, the GMG brand is a guarantee of high-quality solutions across the field of color. GMG has focused on delivering complete solutions for the standardization and simplification of color management workflows to achieve consistent colors on all media and in every print process. Today more than 12,000 systems are in use worldwide. These customers come from a wide range of branches of industry and areas of application. They include, among others, advertising agencies, pre-press firms, offset, flexo, packaging, digital and large format printing presses, as well as intaglio printing companies. GMG is represented by branch offices and dealers worldwide.




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