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GBC's SecurFilm is Printable Laminating Film

Makes printing and mounting a two-step process




GBC has shortened the process of mounting wide-format prints to only two steps with its SecurFilm? all-in-one print media and laminating film for display graphics and posters. It enables shops to efficiently handle higher-volume orders by eliminating the need to precoat mounting boards or use mounting adhesives to convert images into decals prior to mounting.

The product incorporates the receptive and adhesive coatings into a single layer on a polyester film. To mount a graphic just reverse-print an image onto the film using an inkjet printer, then mount the print to a mounting surface such as Fome-Cor?, Gatorplast?, or GatorFoam using a standard thermal laminator. The heat melts the adhesive and the polyester protects the printed image.

SecurFilm is available in 24-in. and 38-in. widths, making it compatible with the 24-in. printers being used in the corporate world and the wider printers found in print-for-pay businesses. The 38-in. media width allows full-bleed printing on standard 24-in. x 36-in. mounting boards with less waste than 42-in. media. (GBC: 800-723-4000;



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