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GBC Updates Its Graphics Laminators

New Orcas, Talons, and Falcon 60+ can process AccuShield coating




Six new models of GBC laminators keep pace with the changing demands of the graphics market. New products include two new Orca high-end production laminators, a new series of Talon laminators for mid-range production shops, and a bi-directional Falcon 60+ specifically for use with 60-in. wide inkjet prints. All models can be equipped with an optional separator bar for the most efficient application of GBC's AccuShield? dry-transfer-process coating that provides an alternative to liquid clearcoating.

The Orca 64 and 64-TH production laminators give operators all the settings and set-up features necessary to produce professionally finished graphics with a variety of materials. The Orca 64 features top and bottom heat; the 64-TH has top-heated rollers only. Both new Orcas now use quartz infrared heaters to heat up the rollers quickly and maintain constant temperatures all the way across.

Other Orca features include a newly styled safety shield, an ergonomic control box mounted to a swivel panel, and a new MasterDial control system that simplifies operation. With the MasterDial, the operator pushes a Mode button (speed, pressure, or heat) and then turns the dial to set the precise parameters for the job.

The Orcas' multiple unwinds and rewinds enable the many different types of set-ups used in professional print conversion. Pneumatically controlled roller pressure supports better film adhesion and independently controlled upper and lower heaters make it possible to run thermal and pressure-sensitive films at the same time. A vacuum feed table ensures the straight feeding of wide prints and a large chill idler roller ensures flat output. The drop-down feed table pivots out of the way for easy changeout of films.

GBC's new Talon laminators for mid-range production needs includes models in three widths–44, 64, and 80-in. All Talon laminators feature the new “MasterDial” control panel described above as well as a new “UniWind” system. With the UniWind system, the top unwind and rewind shafts and the bottom rewind shaft can be disengaged at the flip of a switch and driven in either direction.

The Talon 44 and 64 include independently controlled upper and lower heaters to run thermal and pressure-sensitive films simultaneously or two sets of thermal films. And, heat roller pressure and mounting settings are automatically set by an electromechanical system controlled by the pull roller handle.

The Talon 80 is a top-heat only machine with an automatic-set, motorized nip roller pressure. Designed to meet the current boom in 72-in. wide prints, the Talon 80 is recommended for use with GBC's new 79-in. Arctic pressure-sensitive overlaminating and mounting films as well as GBC's AccuShield flexible coating for banners and wallcoverings.

Falcon 60+: For shops seeking to laminate, encapsulate and mount output from 60-in. inkjet printers, GBC suggests the Falcon 60+ bi-directional laminating system. According to GBC, the system improves productivity by allowing an operator to run thermal films from one side and pressure-sensitive or mounting films from the other, without waiting for the machine to cool down.


Running at speeds from 0 to 18 ft/min, the Falcon 60+ can be webbed with films up to 61 in. wide on rolls up to 10 in. in diameter with 3-in. cores. The heat and nip rollers are independently adjustable and can handle materials up to 3/4 in. thick.

Other features include: a new channeled air cooling system and a large idler chill roller for the elimination of waves on glossy inkjet output. An intelligent controller constantly adjusts infrared roll temperature for consistent heat across the entire roller and an adjustable “super high” output clutch ensures flat output. The system's braking mechanism supports consistent roll tensioning. (GBC: 800-723-4000;



Printvinyl Scored Print Media

New Printvinyl Scored wide-format print media features an easy-to-remove scored liner for creating decals, product stickers, packaging labels, and more. The precision-scored liner, with a 1.25” spacing on a 60” roll, guarantees a seamless and hassle-free removal process.

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