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Business + Management: Marty Mcghie

From the Editor: Print Like an Olympian

They make it look easy, but what's behind the scenes?




The every-four-year, not-to-be-missed world event is here, and I’m not talking about . Viewers around the globe will be glued to their TVs for most of August as they watch the best athletes alive compete in the 31st Olympic Games. These competitors have trained for years, perhaps their whole lives, just for a spot at Rio 2016. And in order to get there, preparation and readiness are key.

Sprinters aren’t only racing down the track; they’re practicing their high knees, butt kicks, and squats. Rowers aren’t just moving their oars in repetitive motions through water; they’re lifting dead weights and perfecting their lunges. And gymnasts aren’t just performing routines; they’re using their own body weight for strength training with planks, leg lifts, and bicycle crunches. And it’s not just about the physical workout. There are meal plans created by nutritionists, an adequate sleep schedule, and positive mental health. Plus, the intense drive to succeed. And we, as spectators, only see the final product: the final race, the final second, the final landing.

In order to excel at one thing, you have to build from everything else. These behind-the-scenes regimens are what make the athletes who they are on game day. The art of running a successful printing business involves the same dedication to detail. So, what are you doing within the walls of your shop that your clients will never see? Your customers may never realize how innovative it is to ; they may never appreciate your ; they may never understand what it means to automate your . But they will come back to you because your graphics are vibrant, your turnaround is lightning fast, and your sales team knows what print buyers need before they do.

And the hard work it takes to succeed doesn’t stop when the games are over. Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time, yet he isn’t satisfied. He’s competing in Rio because 22 medals aren’t enough for him and he’s coming back for more. What’s your shop’s next milestone? Vehicle wraps may bring home the gold today, but are you also providing textiles, signage, displays, even ? What about design work, kitting, and installation?

Continue going above and beyond for your customers by perfecting those behind-the-scenes, inner workings of your company and keeping up with trending applications. By using your talent to set you apart, you’re already well on your way to first place.

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