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Flint Ink Launches Progressive Color Media

New company to provide color-management workflow solutions




Flint Ink, the Ann Arbor, MI ink manufacturer, has launched Progressive Color Media LLC, a company whose goal is to provide to printers, designers, publishers and others a range of workflow color-management solutions integrating hardware, software, and services.

“Color management of today involves many participants, from printers to brand owners, working in multiple locations with different systems and technologies,” says Diane Watt, president of the new company. “Progressive Color Media helps customers simplify processes and harmonize disparate systems. As a result, customers can have greater confidence in the accuracy, reproducibility, and efficient production of printed results.”

Specifically, Progressive Color Media is offering three major groups of solutions

–Field service and support: offers a detailed analysis of a customer's workflow and shows how to take its workflow process to the next level.

–Strategic consulting: takes the practical knowledge garnered from field service and support and integrates it to form a comprehensive color-management plan, with a focus on the long term

–Instrument verification: checks and verifies all color instruments currently on site (“over 20% of instruments we survey fail to meet acceptable measurement standards”), makes recommendations for repair, service, and/or replacement.

Progressive Color Media also is headquartered in Ann Arbor. (Progressive Color Media:



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