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Fiery System 8 from EFI

Features include Fiery Smart RIP, continous print, and RIP-while-print.




EFI has announced version 8 of its Fiery System Software. This print server for professional print environments features:

* Fiery Smart RIP: EFI’s new RIP architecture speeds printing of Microsoft Office and Adobe applications by recognizing bottlenecks and providing an intelligent path through the image- and graphic-rich files that slow non-Fiery devices.

* Continuous Print: Enables processed pages to be stored in memory beforeprinting, eliminating the need to cycle down between unique pages.

* RIP-while-Print: Allows one page to be printed, while subsequent pages are simultaneously processed.

* RIP-while-Print 2: Enables simultaneous two-job execution. Fiery System 8 starts RIP’ing a new file while the previous file is printing.

In addition, Fiery System 8 is a variable-data printing solution that is open, flexible, and scaleable. Customers can choose the Web-to-print applications, authoring tools, databases, Fiery-driven output devices, and Print MIS systems that best suit their VDP needs. It includes Fiery ColorWise, EFI’s in-RIP color-management system.


Also included in Fiery System 8: Graphic Arts Package Premium Edition (a suite of applications including the Image Viewer softproofing interface, file converters for hot folders to streamline job submission, advanced trapping settings,13and post-flight support for troubleshooting), and the Production Printing Package set of advanced production-management tools. The Colorproof XF Fiery option enables customers to deploy ColorProof XF to proof on an inkjet printer and then utilize the Fiery server for color management and workflow.

EFI also launched its new EFI Color Profiler Suite. The Suite includes ICC Profile Creation Modules for printers and monitors; Profile Evaluation Modules such as Profile Editor and Profile Inspector; and a Quality Assurance Module called EFI Color Evaluator that measures and compares color values proof-to-proof, print-to-print, proof-to-profile, or print-to-reference.

And, EFI announced version 2.5 of its e-commerce and job submission website, EFI PrintSmith Site. The new version adds personalization technology from XMPie, and a newly redesigned user interface.





Printvinyl Scored Print Media

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