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Eyelike Conducts 'Best of Digital Arts' Contest

Seeks entries by Oct. 1, 2003




Users of Eyelike and ColorCam digital backs are invited to submit photographs to Eyelike's “Best of Digital Arts 2003” competition. First-, second-, and third-place award winners will receive prizes of “??2000, “??1500 and “??500 Euros.

Submitted images should support the contest's theme of “elements.” The theme can be interpreted in many different ways, notes a contest spokesperson. In addition to the four elements of nature”?fire, water, earth and air”?photographers could also consider elements of chemistry, for example. Deadline for submissions is Oct. 1, 2003.

Updated software: Eyelike has also announced software updates that extend the options for working with view cameras. Three focus subwindows on the Live Video window enable photographer to check the effects of view camera settings. And, the Rollei Lens Control and Schneider Lens Control tools have been integrated into the software to make it more convenient to manage aperture and exposure time settings. The Capture Window has been changed to integrate all preview functions, enabling users to set white balance, gradation curves, and other adjustments directly after the shot has been taken. Image parameters can be assigned in the Capture Window and images can be represented in full monitor-screen size. (Eyelike:;



Interior Décor and Textile Printing: What Equipment Do You Need?

The First Installment of the new Interior Décor and Textiles Webinar Series, Bridging the Gap Between Commercial Peel-and-Stick Wall Graphics & Professional Home Décor, focuses on the technology used for these applications. Our expert panel of speakers cover topics such as what equipment to purchase, what to look for when purchasing, and the various applications you can offer with the equipment you currently have. Watch the first episode, sponsored by TVF, above.

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