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Durst Introduces Rho 800 Presto Continuous-Board Flatbed, plus Rho 351R

The Rho 800 Presto employs 8 Quadro printhead arrays.




Durst has launched two new UV-curable printers-the Rho 800 Presto and Rho 315R.

The 98-in. Rho 800 Presto is a continuous-board production-oriented flatbed with a rollfed option. Similar to the Rho 600 Presto, the 800 Presto employs the company's Quadro array technology with 8 printhead arrays.

To achieve continuous-board feeding, rigid materials (minimum 3-mm thick) are registered at the leading edge using mechanical stops, which allows for the loading of multiple sheets side by side (parallel feeding of up to four boards). The next series of boards are pushed up against the first, then the transport system takes over, ensuring the continuous printing of boards without interruption.

The machine will print up to 120 boards/hr (2.6 x 4-ft sheets). Top productivity is 1200 sq ft/hr in draft mode (400 dpi). Materials can be up to 1.58-in. thick and weigh as much as 50 kg (110 lb). The optional Industrial Configuration allows the Presto to print onto media weighing 70 kg (154 lb) and up to 2.75-in. thick.

The Rho 800 Presto also offers an optional heavy-duty roll feed/take-up accessory, which handles roll media up to 80-in. wide and 440 lb rolls. The company reports it's a quick changeover from rigid to roll because rolls can remain on the printer when the tables are in use.

Offering 30-pl drops and a true 600-dpi resolution (Durst reports that it can produce text as small as 4 pt), the Rho uses the company’s Rigid Ink set. Its standard inkset is CMYK; other ink options include cm, white, clear varnish for special effects, and spot colors; optional colors will print without loss of speed, reports Durst. In-machine, inks are stored in 10-l tanks and refill inks are supplied in 5-l bottles.


The external Caldera RIP Server (GrandRip+) comes standard with the machine. The Rho 800 Presto will be available Q4 2007.

The new Rho 351R is a rollfed UV-curable printer and is a further development of the Rho 350R. The 11.6-ft machine offers speeds up to 1830 sq ft/hr; allows users to choose 400- or 600-dpi addressable resolutions (800/1200 apparent) and one to six passes; accommodates media as thick as 2 mm; and can image simultaneously onto two 63-in rolls. In addition, its software now includes a user-selected grain control and media tuning of the UV lamps to allow for ink curing even on temperature-sensitive media.

Depending on production needs, the 351R machine offers either an 8 or 16 Quadro Array head configuration, which effectively doubles the speed on the 16-head machine. The fastest print speeds in one-pass mode are 920 sq ft/hr for the 8-head printer, and 1841 sq ft/hr for the 16-head printer; best quality 6-pass mode is 213/425 sq ft/hr.

The machine utilizes Durst Rho Roll Ink and the Quadro Array heads produce 55-pl drops for 400-dpi mode and 45-pl drops for 600-dpi resolution. Its highly pigmented ink was developed for flexibility, adhesion, and color stability on flexible media. With six 10-l ink tanks, users can load in CMYK plus two of the following: white ink, special-effect varnish, or spot colors (orange, green, ocean blue).

The 351R has a special backlit function that applies double the ink coverage in one printing operation. Its laser-driven registration and large ink tanks allow for unattended printing and double-sided printing.

The printer can image onto uncoated fabrics, without wicking. Its brush-stretch rollers and a tension regulation device transport the thinnest of fabrics precisely and wrinkle-free through the printer.


The 351R can accommodate media rolls as heavy as 661-lb rolls; and 2200-lb rolls with its Big-Roll option (winder and unwinder). Other features include stepless skip-white function in XY direction, integrated manual cutting device, standard Linux operating software, and Caldera GrandRIP.

Existing 350R printers can be upgraded in the field.





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