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ColorSpan Expands DisplayMaker Line

Adds 72UVX and 98SI.




Colorspan has expanded it DisplayMaker line with two new flatbed/rollfed wide-format printers: DisplayMaker 72UVX and the DisplayMaker 98SI.

The UV-curable DisplayMaker 72UVX is based on the company's 72 UVR, released earlier this year. Both are 4-color UV-curable printers that accommodate rollfed and rigid media up to 73-in. wide, utilize 16 Micro-Quad printheads, and use SolaChrome-UV inks.

In comparison to the 72 UVR, the UVX accommodates media up to 0.5-in. thick (as compared to the UVR 0.25 in), the UVX jets a 25-picoliter droplet (the UVR has a 30-picoliter droplet), and the UVX is $89,995 (the UVR is $74,995).

The 72UVX offers speeds in 600 x 600 dpi of High-Quality, 110 sq ft/hr; Production-Quality, 200 sq ft/hr; Billboard , 400 sq ft/hr. In addition, the UVX offers a second production quality print mode that features speeds up to 400 sq ft/hr at 600 x 300 dpi.

The 72UVX also offers many of the features shared by other ColorSpan machines:

“? Advanced Automation Eye”?which uses a high-res imaging sensor, colorimetric spectrophotometer, and embedded software to automate the setup and calibration of the printer;
“? AutoSet Calibration that analyzes dot placement and sets the head-to-head alignment to compensate for variable print speeds, head height settings, and media thickness;

“? AutoJet Calibration”?which maps out jets not performing up to standards and compensates by using another jet in its place;

“? AutoTune Scheduler”?schedules the AutoJet calibration to occur during unattended print runs to minimize waste and reprinting;
“? AutoEdge Detection”?to help position rigid media and warns the user if the board is askew;
“? Linearization”?the on-board spectrophotometer supplies color data to the external RIP's color management software; and
“? Color Profiling”?the on-board spectrophotometer reads color swatches and creates custom ICC and ColorMark profiles for third party media.
Price: $89,995.


The 98.5 in. wide solvent-based DisplayMaker 98SI is based on the 72SI rollfed/flatbed printer announced in March 2005. Like the 72SI, the 4-color 98SI uses 16 600-dpi Micro-Quad piezo-electric printheads and SolaChrome-HR solvent pigmented inks, can accommodate media up to 0.25-in. thick (with the addition of optional roller tables), and features a self-cleaning printhead service station and onboard solvent cleaning solution, as well as ColorSpan's Automation Eye and Colorimetric photo diode to automate the printer's setup and calibration.

The 98SI also offers preprint and print media heaters to control dot gain, and a dryer to dry prints prior to being rolled up on the take-up reel. An optional auxiliary heater allows users to further dry prints for high printing speeds and to assist in drying of rigid media.

The 98SI boasts speeds up to 700 sq ft/hr in Billboard (1-pass mode) 600 x 300 mode and 112 sq ft/hr in High-Quality mode. Jetting 25-picoleter droplets, the 98SI features six printing modes: Billboard 600 x 300; Billboard 600 x 600; High-Production (2-pass mode) 600 x 300; Production 600 x 600; Quality (4-pass mode) 600 x 300; High-Quality 600 x 600 dpi. For many applications, customers will be able to print at 438 sq ft/hr in High-Production mode for sellable 600 x 300 prints, reports Roland.

With the addition of the two 36 x 101-in. roller tables, the 98SI can accommodate rigid media up to 60-in. long. Like the 72SI, it also features releasable pinch rollers with adjustable force, which makes loading media easier.

The 98SI also features an on-board spectrophotometer and color-management software incorporated into the external RIP. Its SolaChrome-HR inks are available in 3-l containers ($375 per container).
Price: $69,995.





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