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ColorMunki from X-Rite and Pantone

Color management program for photo and design professionals.




X-Rite and Pantone have unveiled ColorMunki, a color-management program for photo and design industry professionals. Comprising a monitor-calibration tool and a spectrophotometer for printer profiling with a sophisticated software package, ColorMunki is available in three versions: ColorMunki Photo, ColorMunki Design, and ColorMunki Create. This is the first co-developed product since X-Rite acquired Pantone late last year.

ColorMunki Photo is designed to match photographs' colors from display to print. The integrated program calibrates displays, projectors and printers, measures ambient light and captures spot colors. Additionally, the AppSet automatically sets printer profiles. ColorMunki Photo's new tools also include color creation and communication capabilities such as automatically extracting colors from images and transporting images with DigitalPouch to ensure ViewSafe settings. In addition, the Photo and Design versions have a built in lightbooth feature: To determine, for example, how the final product will be viewed in a store under florescent lights, the user clicks a single button and the software applies a filter to show what the color will look like under florescent lighting.

ColorMunki Design offers designers accurate viewing and reproduction by allowing users to select and store color palettes with set calibrations. These palettes can then seamlessly integrate into design applications such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign and QuarkXPress and other industry applications. Color source options include Pantone Color Libraries, system-level color pickers, images, color harmonies, and key word searches. Too, users can obtain a color from any surface and calibrate monitors, projectors and printers to accurately match images from display to print.

Users whose primary responsibility is creating color palettes can use ColorMunki Create. This entry-level program lacks printer profiling, projector calibration, and spot color-reading capabilities, but does offer spectral color selection from system-level color pickers, images, color harmonies, and key word searches and can then snap-to Pantone Goe Colors for repurposing those colors into usable palettes. ColorMunki Create also offers an on-screen color control solution.

Price: ColorMunki Photo and ColorMunki Design, $499; ColorMunki Create, $149. X-Rite will sell the Photo product while Pantone will sell the Design and Create versions (all versions will have the X-Rite and Pantone logos on the packaging).

The companies have created an online portal specifically for ColorMunki products: There, users can create, view, and share color palettes with peers or select colors from images provided by, as well as take an online test of color-viewing ability. The ColorMunki products are also available through the website.






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