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Collection Preview: Dusen Dusen for Visual Magnetics




We're launching our new collection of magnetic wallcoverings designed by Dusen Dusen, and couldn't wait to give you a preview of the prints.

Textile designer, Ellen Van Dusen, is known for her use of abstract shapes and vibrant colors, and each wallcovering that she designed for us showcases her instantly recognizable aesthetic. Here, she shares the inspiration for the prints we're showing at our Seaport Studios Design Market pop-up showroom, hosted by WantedDesign as part of New York Textile Month.

Book your appointment, or stop in, from September 28th – September 30th, 11am – 7pm, at Seaport Studios Design Market.






Dusen Dusen has garnered a cult following for the bold prints used in her designs for apparel and homegoods, which made her the perfect choice to interpret our Modulayer™ magnetic wallcoverings product. ModuLayer is a line of magnetic multi-layer textile wallcoverings, which change whenever you move the individual magnetic elements around on a wall. With our made-to-order system, each wallcovering can be custom-fit to your space.



The Prints




I wanted to work with one of the most basic patterns — a checkboard– and have the magnetic layers allow you to manipulate it in a seamless way. Once the magnetic pieces are on the wall, it still looks like a checkerboard, but it's a little off. Because the magnetic layer pieces are the same colors, it blends right in. It's like a puzzle!



Futurist Flowers
The flowers print was inspired by Giacamo Balla's futurist flower sculptures. I followed his lead of paring down the flowers to some very basic shapes, and voila!




The Room
I liked the idea of making a flat, colorblocked room in perspective. The base is a perspecive drawing of a room, and the magnetic pieces are very geometric, pared down versions of things you would have in your home. I liked the idea of setting up a room however you see fit, taking elements out and adding pieces in.



Sunset Cut-outs
I wanted to work with gradients, because I love the way these bold shapes can disappear within the color shifts, depending on where they are placed. I like the idea of someone coming in and moving things around so they are very contrasty, or the total opposite. The shapes were made from cut paper.



Ink Shapes
This wall looks the most like one of my clothing prints– bold and blocky with organic shapes. I thought making a magnetic wall with this concept would be really fun, because whoever is interacting with it has the opportunity to really make it their own.



Coloring Book
I wanted to make something that would be a fun little challenge for kids. I made what is essentially a coloring book– black outlines of objects and patterns on the base layer and colored in versions of those objects as the magnetic layer.






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