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Client Sounds a False Alarm This Print Shop Will Never Forget

A simple oversight turns into hours wasted.




We recently had an incident that had us very perplexed. A new customer found us online and had an urgent project. My partner worked his magic and was able to print and ship within 24 hours. We overnighted the yardage to the customer and trusted they would be very happy with the outcome.

We get a frantic call the next day when the customer received the yardage claiming it was severely faded. We didn’t understand how this could be as our sample looked good when we shipped. She was so upset and frantic, so we asked her to please send us a picture of the fabric she received. She was going on and on about how bad it looked. She finally sends us a picture and it was the same print we printed, but it was definitely not our yardage. What we printed was a clear black, gray, and white print. The picture she sent us was of the same print, but it was very faded. She was in another state, so we could only go off the picture. We asked for one more picture of the area with our printed info.

When we received the picture, it was clear it was not printed from our shop. it was from another printer she had also ordered from. We responded by asking her to please re-check the shipper address. A few hours later, she received the yardage we printed and called us back apologizing for her oversight. The yardage we printed was exactly what she needed. We will never get back the few hours we spent trying to figure out what had gone wrong. In the end, it was a simple oversight on her part. Dear customers, please double check shipper information before raising the alarms of a misprint!

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