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'Checkout' These Ads

Arkansas company uses HP Scitex machines for conveyor-belt marketing.




Ads-N-Line is an advertising concept and product that allows businesses of all sizes to advertise in supermarket chains such as Kroger. Fifteen Kroger locations currently use the 'conveyor-belt-style' advertising in the Memphis, TN, area. Store advertisements are on every conveyor belt across the checkout lines for complete store saturation, and campaigns can range beyond a single store as well.

Here's how it works: enVision Marketing Group goes to the store and takes precise measurements of each checkout line, because each line can have different measurements. 'The conveyor belts have to be laced together and have tension screws,' says Frank Cox, enVision president. 'You can't even be an inch short-you have to be 3/4 to 1/8-in. in tolerance, so our measuring is very careful.'

After taking the measurements, enVision prints the individual conveyor-belt graphics using one of its two HP Scitex XLjet 5+ machines and HP Scitex Vision XL 300 Supreme ink. Because normal store conveyor belts are made of rubber and don't do a good job of accepting digital ink, enVision developed a proprietary conveyor substrate. The substrate, says Cox, not only accepts the digital inks but also turns out images at photo quality.

Average final belt size is 20-in. wide x 155.6-in. long. Once output, the graphics are then clearcoated using the company's Seal AquaSeal Superwide 6000 liquid laminator. Printing time is approximately 1.25 hours and finishing takes approximately 1 hour.

Ads-N-Line provides its customer stores with the ability to target consumers at the neighborhood level. Plus, says enVision, the cost per thousand for advertising impressions is less than traditional advertising media.

Located in Little Rock, AR, enVision Marketing Group has been in business since 2002. With a production facility measuring 7164 sq ft, the company has six full-time employees.





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