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Catzper Spot-Color Matching Software from Nazdar

Program offers spot color matches in minimal time.




Nazdar Consulting Services has released Catzper color-tolerancing software, designed to offer accurate spot-color matches in minimal time. The Catzper Visual Test Grid allows the print provider to quickly output a grid of measured variations of the desired spot color; the operator (or customer) can choose a color on the range and the software then re-centers and prints another range based on the new target. From there, the desired color match can be chosen visually.

Specific Catzper features include:

* The ability to map human color tolerances on the three L*a*b axes individually and by actual perception.

* Identifying a numeric tolerance for each of the three L*a*b axes, which can help visually identify color tolerance and numerically define it.

* Print provider can quickly output a grid of hundreds of measure variations and match it visually and numerically after the first output.

* Full color or perceptual images can be set up in Image Shift mode to produce very controlled color variations on a process color image. This creates a visual representation of how an image may look when printed within accepted tolerances.


A trial version of Catzper is available through the company’s website.

The company also has released its Data Capture System (DCS) software, which reads complete color data from a print. Once captured, this color information can be used to determine a “pass” or “fail” on a print or proof. Plus, printers can compare print to proof, print to print, or job to job and then share the data over their network for review anywhere within the shop.

DCS data allows digital shops to provide customers with a certificate of quality-compliance for jobs with documented color that passes within agreed-upon tolerances. DCS can be used for process as well as spot colors. Press operators can set custom tolerances or use the default industry standards for determining pass or fail.





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