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Caldera Announces Pantone Color Matching Gift for V11 Adopters




French software innovator Caldera is sharing its landmark 25th anniversary with customers adopting its V11 RIP suite by offering a pair of Pantone Lighting Indicators for free to new or upgrading customers. The D50 and D65 Lighting Indicator stickers can be used to determine if lighting conditions are correct for color matching and evaluation. The offer stands until December 31st 2016 and is available throughout Caldera’s extensive global sales channel.

In order to make the accurate, repeatable color evaluations critical to print production, lighting conditions need to be calibrated exactly. Pantone’s Lighting Indicator stickers have been designed to aid printers and designers in determining whether viewing conditions are consistent enough for accurate color evaluation, specification and matching. The differences between electric lighting, ambient daylight and bright sunlight can be substantial and making a color decision under the wrong lighting conditions can result in marked color variations and, therefore, costly reprints. By using Pantone’s Lighting Indicator, operators are able to see quickly whether their lighting conditions are right for accurate color selection.

The D50 indicator is for use with the D50 lighting condition that is typically used in graphic design studios, while the D65 indicator corresponds with D65 lighting, more often used in the development of industrial products, home furnishings and textiles. Evaluating color in the wrong lighting conditions results in expensive mistakes. New customers will receive their Lighting Indicators in the V11 box, while existing customers can request them online when they upgrade their software.

The Lighting Indicators are quick and convenient to use. When the lighting conditions are right for color assessment, the two patches will match, but in incorrect lighting conditions the patches will appear different. The less accurate the lighting match, the more divergent the patches will look. The stickers are best applied to portable devices so, when the item is passed on throughout the production process, whoever sees it next will also be able to determine if the lighting is right for viewing and assessing the colors used.

“Part of Caldera’s strength lies in our extensive partnerships throughout the print value chain and in our ability to see the value of complementary products,” explains Joseph Mergui, Chief Executive Officer, Caldera. “The value of Pantone’s Lighting Indicators has been recommended many times by the Caldera support team facing color matching issues in the field, which is why we see this as a valuable anniversary give-away for our customers.”




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