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Bordeaux Releases White Paper on UV Technology

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Bordeaux Digital PrintInk has released a white paper entitled “What’s so great about my UV printer?” on the advantages and potential of UV ink technology. The report addresses new digital print capabilities that UV ink technology enables, such as the ability to print on a variety of substrates.

“We have had customers approach us concerning printing on anodized aluminum items, toys, perfume bottles, and even on Velcro,” says Ruth Zach, marketing coordinator at Bordeaux.

The paper briefly explains the science behind UV inks and why their makeup sets them apart.

“UV inks are different from any other inks used in wide-format printing from almost every aspect,” it points out, citing differences in raw materials, drying methods, functionality, and printhead compatibility.

One key component is the chemical composition of UV inks, which create a solid, dry surface that rests on top of a surface, rather than penetrating it, freeing this technology from the restraints that face water- and solvent-based inks and enabling print jobs on porous and non-porous materials.
In turn, this development has led to others in the field, including more versatile printheads capable of moving on vertical as well as horizontal axes.

Printer beds themselves are evolving, as well, with rolling attachments capable of printing on cylindrical and 3D objects.




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