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Bitstream Pageflex 5.0 Includes New Features

Replaces its Mpower and .EDIT products.




Bitstream has introduced its Pageflex 5.0 product, which replaces the company’s Mpower and .EDIT products.Version 5.0 features three primary categories of new capabilities:

*Document Actions: enable an entire document to be manipulated on the fly, using scripts to directly access and manipulate the content, style, and layout of the document and also to modify fonts, colors, shapes, attributes, pages, and any variable values or text.

*Global Copyfit: allows users to designate a set of text containers in a document that all need to maintain the same type of settings (font size, leading, tracking, etc.) as well as any container in the set that is copyfitted.

*Design Tools: interactive online editing components that include the ability to place static or variable text on a curved path, full support for Bezier paths, a hand tool for panning the page, and the addition of guides and grids to the interactive online editing interface.

Pageflex 5.0 also features new workflow capabilities such as the ability to batch jobs with many variable records into a series of smaller jobs; the ability to assign paper trays on a press to individual document pages so that multiple stocks or pre-printed sheets can be co-mingled within a document; step-and-repeat and cut-and-stack imposition options enabling one record or multiple records to be automatically imposed on a press sheet; and speed improvements in the online interactive interface. Features specifically aimed toward high-production environments include: built-in load balancing and failover across multiple servers; support for multiple job queues enabling concurrent job processing, batching, and priority processing; and centralized server administration.

In other Bitstream news, the company has announced an agreement with DirecType image personalization software, enabling print providers to incorporate personalized messaging directly into the content of an image thanks to the integration of Pageflex and DirecType software.


The company also has partnered with DirectSmile image-personalization software for DirectSmile’s Generator plug-in to work with all of the applications in the Pageflex line.




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