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Behind the Silver Screen

YCD Multimedia teams with Coca-Cola to showcase dynamic signage in the cinema.




Going to the movies is a treat for everyone, no matter the age, with big-screen entertainment, snacks, soft drinks, and previews to entice us to come back for more. But the time you spend standing in the ticketing line to purchase the weekend box office hit, waiting for your popcorn to be lathered in butter, and walking the hallway to find your theater is a selling point for the cinema complex.

CineEurope, an annual tradeshow for major, regional, and independent cinema exhibitors, was held in Barcelona, Spain, June 17-19, 2014. And YCD Multimedia (, a global provider of advanced digital signage software, partnered with Coca-Cola (CineEurope 2014’s main sponsor), Littlebit Technology, NEC Display Solutions, and Intel to create the Coca-Cola lounge, a “booth” showcasing a range of digital signage displays for movie theaters.

Close to 50 screens were provided by co-sponsor NEC Display Solutions and were used to provide dynamic digital signage for box office ticketing, concessions, future film promos, and more. Most of the screens measured 46 to 55 inches wide, while one 84-inch screen was the centerpiece of the Coca Cola “bar.”

To make those screens dynamic, YCD Multimedia utilized its C-Nario Messenger, a digital signage display platform that allows users to design, schedule, distribute, and manage dynamic content. Once the content is delivered to the predetermined destination, the screen begins to play the intended images and text.

Bringing it to the Big Screen
Most LED signs above a ticketing booth highlight upcoming movie names and movie times, but the booking counter in the Coca-Cola lounge showcased the immediacy of information that digital signage promotes. The screen shared movie titles and times, but also showed the number of tickets remaining in real time as moviegoers purchased passes. “It helps with the decision-making process – same context as digital menu boards,” says Eran Sharon, VP of product management, YCD Multimedia. “Customers are now making smarter, faster choices.”

In a room adjacent to the concessions, where moving images of menu items and prices grabbed customers’ attention, promos for movies such as “Planet of the Apes” and “Non-Stop” invited customer interaction. When a customer approached the “Planet of the Apes” screen, the eyes of the ape moved towards the person, and the still shot of Liam Neeson pointing his gun in mid-air in “Non-Stop” turned into a live-action scene when it sensed movement.


And to create higher traffic and user participation in the lounge – and because the World Cup was in session – the team set up a foosball table, created a live tournament, and used the screens around the room to capture the real-time scores and announce the winners. Video cameras were also placed around the table so viewers could watch the matches taking place without crowding around the players.

“User-generated and real-time content are also big driving forces with digital signage,” says Sharon. For example, movie promos during the day might target children in attendance for an animated film; content can be changed in the evening to interest a more mature audience. And, with moderation, movie-goers can tweet their reactions to the movies and then see their text live as they exit the theater.

“Digital signage is a growing need in the market, adding a new service that wasn’t available before,” he says. “It’s another workflow to achieving the same result. This is the new technology: dynamic, more economical, faster response time.”

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