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40% of Wide-Format Printers Require a Working Interview Before Making a Job Offer

Even in a difficult labor market, “there’s nothing that can replace a face-to-face, working interview,” one PSP says.





Do you require a working interview before making a job offer?

NO: 60%

  • In-person interviews are sufficient. — Michael Elrod, Synnott Imaging
  • No, just an in-person interview. I am more interested in how well someone works with the team, than the level of their skills. I ask enough questions to determine the general level of experience, and then concentrate on how well they will gel with everyone else. — Jim Dittmer, JDA Creative Color
  • No one will come work for free when there is a lack of available workers. — Derek Michalanney, Signageworld
  • We’ve done that before and, honestly, everyone rises to the occasion, whether it’s a standard interview or a working interview. It’s their stamina following the interview process that we can’t determine. — Jim White, Go Graphix

YES: 40%

  • We have tried this a couple of times. It’s a brilliant idea and has resulted from some terrific hires. You really get a good idea of interaction styles, and if people have a sense of humor! — Barbara Allen, Fresh Artists
  • While the workforce environment is still incredibly challenging, there’s nothing that can replace a face-to-face, working interview (or more, or even a trial day interview). New hires are adding to a company’s culture and we’re not willing to risk that. — Derek Atchley, Atchley Graphics
  • I like to get them into our environment and culture to see if they are a good fit for us, but also if we are a good fit for them. I do not want a person to leave another job and come to us and be unhappy or a bad fit. We both lose if that happens. — Kevin Hebert, St. Charles Printing / Fastsigns
  • Depending on the position, but we will ask someone to work a full day paid. We have decided not to hire in very few occasions. — Carmen Rad, CR&A Custom
  • We will typically have one to two interviews before hiring an employee. We also do a mandatory background check on every candidate. In our design department we will even go as far as providing a prepared test to ensure they have the knowledge they claim to have. — Gary Schellerer, ER2 Image Group

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